The guide is designed for recent and prospective authors of Smashing Magazine and details the method posts

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The guide is designed for recent and prospective authors of Smashing Magazine and details the method posts

You will work with one of our editors to shape the article for publication when you submit an article or outline to Smashing Magazine.

The manager will probably be your essential call with the procedure; they’re familiar with their unique topic and have access to a board of subject-specific writers whose opinion they can request.

The editor program are requesting the questions that are following

  • Does this content accommodate Smashing Magazine as well as target audience?
  • Will this be an article that is new than one thing published elsewhere?
  • May be the article technically proper and offering up-to-date assistance?

You’re expert on your own topic so if an manager tends to make a suggestion we don’t agree with you happen to be, as you can imagine, encouraged to specify your case! Occasionally an objection points to a significance of clarification in wording in the place of something becoming incorrect.

Strategies For Authorship And Editing

To create this method easier we will ask that you send outlines and content someplace that commentary can be produced. Excellent alternatives for this ar:

  • Dropbox Paper
  • Bing Documents

Remember to remember to offer your own report the permissions that are correct support edits.

All Of Our Recommendations

Prior to getting began, take a check out the information that is following

    : The lowdown on the amount we desire, and just how we will help you make a terrific write-up. : This can include specifics of that which we will and does not distribute. : Contains home elevators writing style and shade together with tips for writing great articles that are technical.

Write-up “Template”

  • Take advantage of this Gist associated with format
  • Or, install a zipper of piece Template in text and Markdown format

Transferring Throughout The Editorial Process

Publish An Outline

We will propose that we publish an overview in the 1st case, to test that the post is a good fit for Smashing Magazine understanding that no-one else happens to be currently doing a the same write-up.

Your very own overview should provide all of us sufficient detail in order to comprehend the topic along with your particular carry out it. Kindly make sure to include the next suggestions.

  1. That is the mark crowd for all the content? Including, will you be trying to reach to beginner JavaScript designers or experienced designers, or just everyone in the market?
  2. Exactly what will the goal audience relieve from browsing the article?
  3. How come you the person that is best to publish this particular article?
  4. A variety of the leading areas you’ll cover/sections of this post with a concise information of every.

Forward this for our contact form. For us before, it can be helpful to include links to other pieces of writing they could be blog posts or similar if you have not written. You must then feel gotten in touch with by an editor that is subject-specific preliminary opinions and feedback.

Publish The First Draft

Once a plan has become recognized, create the first blueprint. The suggestions in our style direct give some suggestions as to what speech and tone of wonderful articles or blog posts plus hints for clear publishing. It is easy to share beginning concepts along with your publisher together with using if you like or require some responses.

Send Your Own Outline

Incorporate your own report to just one for the tools stated previously and share it using your editor. Your own draft includes most of the areas which can be comprehensive within the above that is template. You cant acknowledge your own part without them.


Just how long it only takes for a primary version to become a printed content depends on the amount of job is required regarding testimonial and editing.

It’s likely that the publisher shall have some suggestions to discuss with you. For a very technological content, or one thing away from the main understanding of the editor they are going to demand help from our personal testimonial board. The editor will take their feedback and present it to you along with their own thoughts in that case.

You will then have enough time to help make any essential revisions that turn out of the conversations.

A Final Draft!

After you and your publisher have the content is prepared, it is passed onto our personal editor-in-chief to have the alternative light and subsequently go into the last production periods of proofreading and preparation for book to your site.

Please note that ultimate drafts aren’t going accepted without every one of the images that are original. Begin write-up format for particulars.

You’ll get a definitive opportunity to have actually a check out the write-up so you can give it a final check over after small copy edits have been made in the proofreading process before it is ready for publication.


All of us shall tell you which date your own report is actually appointed for. After it is going live, we will generally be reached. You would be loved by us to share your own report on social networks and pop returning to reply to any feedback from our wonderful audience!